How do I get a $200 Payment?

See how easy it is!

A:  The is rule of thumb is EVERY $5,000 is about $100 in payment.  So, if you want a $200 payment you should be looking at a car around $10,000, maybe a little more if it is a newer vehicle with low miles.  The most common mistake people make is thinking that buying an older/cheaper car will get them a cheaper payment.  That is not always the case.  If you want a low payment, make sure you’re looking at a vehicle that is newer with low miles. A 2012 Ford Focus with 40K miles for $12,000 will get you a lower payment then a 2005 Ford Focus with 120K miles listed for $7,000.  The reason is because you can finance the newer vehicle for longer amount of time. Banks don't like to finance older vehicles for long periods of time to protect the customer.  (Example:  $7,000 for 36 months is $194 payment, where $12,000 for 72 months is e worth more?  Because the dealership then knows that this vehicle has been covered and well taken care of because of the guaranteed coverage. And the obvious, if you have any serious issue with your vehicle down the road, you don't have to come out of pocket for the repairs.  Ask me about our NEW VALPRO 360 COVERAGE… WE ARE THE ONLY ONES IN TOWN WITH THIS APPLICATION!
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